Dear fellow Internet Marketer,

Do you know that keyword tools that we are using every day don’t show us all the keywords that people are searching for?

Market Samurai, Travic Travis, SEO Elite are just few among many great keyword research tool that query Google’s keyword dabatase.Unfortunately all the keywords they provide are only keywords that Google ‘allow’ us to see.

There are actually hundreds if not thousands of keywords that hidden beneath Search Engine’s database and for some reasons they kept them from us.

Check this out

Below is a screenshot of results Google gave forqueries on keyword "wii"

flash keyword miner demo

Would you believe if Google say there's only eight keywords for Wii?
Big G must be kidding right????

Some people say the keywords are hidden because the keywords either has very low number of and some people say that the keywords are long tails and not significant to be shown.

From some experiments both on PPC and SEO, I can tell that there are people who actually search for the keywords that I mined but Google Adwords say there’s nobody searching for it.

Have you heard people say don’t take all what Google said?

Flash Keyword Miner is a Keyword Mining Tool.
It mine for keywords and phrases that people are searched for on Google. But for some reasons Google Adwords Keywords Tool can’t provide us with this keywords.

What’s the benefit of getting thesekeywords?

One of the biggest benefit of getting these keywords is you will get DIFFERENT SET OF KEYWORDS to other marketers who are using just the plain Google Adwords KeywordsTools. You will discover keywords that other don’t awareof.

The Question Is Whose not using The Google Keyword Tools nowadays?

Even Micro Niche Finder and Market Samurai pull their keywords from Google Keyword Tool.

With Flash Keyword Miner, you will beable to get whole new and different keywords compared to other who are using Google Keywords Tool. You’re simply playing on your own field!

Above you have seen that Google only show 8 result for the keyword “wii” apparantly Flash Keyword Miner uncover up to 5000 keywords!

You read that right, not 500, not 1000 but 6.300 keywords!!

Proof:Click here to download example of keywords that I have just mined

Got what I mean about a whole different playing field? :)

Can We rely on Flash Keyword Miner results?

Can I rely on Keywords that Flash Keyword Miner mine? You bet!
In the snapshot below, you can see the result of Google Keyword Tool of keywords that I pull from Flash Keyword Miner:


With so many keyword tool available at the market, should youbuy Flash Keyword Miner?

Personally I have several Keyword Tool and only few that I usedaily. Market Samurai and Micro Niche Finder are two of the tool Ican’t live without.

From the way I researched keyword lately, the manual mining on google like I show you at the top page, I can say that Flash Keyword Miner will be one among my top keywords tool.

Need Some Testimonials to convince you? Here are just some of them

Flash Keyword Miner Is Super Easy To Use!

Flash Keyword Miner is so easy touse and had become my main keyword research tool to uncover the long tail keywords that people unaware of. No matter what Niche you're in, there are plenty of keywords that's new and untouched by other marketer.

Just imagine being able to use this keyword tool to mine hundreds if not thousands keywords that your competitors doesn't even know about it's existence! Enter your keyword, hit "Start Mining". Voila! It really is that easy!

Flash Keyword Bonus
12 Set of Keywords Researched

Flash Keyword Miner is very easy to use. You can start digging search engines and find thousands of new keywords that you'll never imagine it's existence before.

As a starter, I am offering you 12 pack of keywords that I have researched for you as a bonus.

Just so that you get the picture what you can do with this tool.

You Can Own Flash Keyword Miner and start uncover, untouched keywords that your competitiors doesn't know it's existence today!

FOR ONLY $37.00
Flash Keyword Miner will need Windows 7 to operate.
To run Flash Keyword Miner, you will also need to have .net framework 4.0 installed in your computer.

Your Friend In Marketing,

Hendra Rusly